Hello fellow smoker/grillers!

This is Jim Blankenship and I’m like most guys who like to barbeque burgers, steaks chicken and fish on the weekends. I prefer to grill over charcoal but have also used gas grills. About two years I began adding wet hardwood chips to the fire to smoke the meat and immediately began experiencing real flavor – so good that now when I order similar meats at chain restaurants, I am consistently disappointed in the lack of seasoning and flavor.  In order to sustain this without breaking the bank, I began using a wood chipper to produce 5 gallon buckets of oak and cherry wood chips which produce a rich flavor enhancing smoke.

Recently, several coworkers had mentioned that they were smoking and prepping meats such as brisket, port butt and even whole turkeys that were to die for. In most cases, they had to monitor and adjust temperature, add charcoal and wood chips periodically over many hours in order slow cook these meets and achieve proper flavor and tenderness.

I decided that it was time to up my game so I did a little research on smokers that were available from companies such as Bass Pro, Cabela’s and elsewhere on the internet.
What quickly emerged was the ease of use and programmability of pellet smokers – so much that you could set it and forget it.

I decided to purchase a REC TEC pellet smoker directly from the manufacturer so that I could take smoking & grilling to the next level. Before the purchase, I did not attempt brisket as I never wanted to baby sit it for the whole day.

Stay tuned – more to follow!


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